The EnMAP Box is a freely available, platform-independent software designed to process hyperspectral remote sensing data, and particularly developed to handle data from the EnMAP sensor. It is distributed as Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

Main features include:

  • easy-to-use GUI, with drop-down menus, expandable tree-based file explorer and drag-and-drop capabilities
  • visualization and processing of imaging spectroscopy data and field/laboratory spectra
  • import and export from and to different data formats, based on GDAL
  • built-in applications aimed at the processing of imaging spectroscopy data, such as Support Vector Machines and Random Forests for classification or regression of image data
  • externally developed applications for EnMAP data processing, e.g. Radiative Transfer Modelling or the calculation of different agricultural spectral indices.
  • a rich application programming interface that allows for easy development of new EnMAP-Box applications

EnMAP-Box 3

The new EnMAP-Box 3 is developed in Python as plugin for the Geographic Information System QGIS (FOSS). The EnMAP-Box enhances QGIS in many ways, e.g. by easing the visualization of imaging spectroscopy data, support of spectral libraries and by new algorithms specifically for the remote sensing community. A first beta-version of the EnMAP-Box 3 was presented at EnMAP Workshop in Munich, 6-8 Sept 2017.