EnMAP Ground Segment Delta CDR successful

The EnMAP Ground Segment has finished its Delta Critical Design Review (CDR) successfully on July 01, 2016. In this Delta CDR, design changes caused by advancements in multi mission facilities at GSOC and DFD used by EnMAP, evolution of the used software, the availability of improved algorithms (e.g. an improved atmospheric correction), and the enhancement of the design to meet new requirements like the INSPIRE conformity and sun-glint avoidance were reviewed. Also further technical developments in the Space Segment could be taken into account. In the Review Board, experts from ESA, OHB, GFZ, other satellite projects at DLR and DLR Space Administration were involved. Thus, the EnMAP Ground Segment now finally starts with phase D of the project, where the proposed design will be implemented and afterwards verified and validated.

New EnMAP Science Plan released

After the first release of the EnMAP Science Plan in 2012, an updated version is available now after a thorough revision of the document. The scope of the Science Plan is to provide an overview of the EnMAP mission including a description of system and data products, potential contributions to major fields of application, and scientific pre-launch activities. The document primarily addresses scientists and funding institutions, but may also be of interest for environmental stakeholders and governmental bodies. It is conceived to be a living document that will be updated throughout the entire mission.

5th EnMAP Summerschool

The 5th EnMAP School successfully took place at Trier University from 3rd to 8th April 2016. 30 participants and 14 lecturers from universities and research centers in 8 countries addressed a range of topics of hyperspectral remote sensing. Besides from lectures presenting current research as well as status and perspectives of the EnMAP mission, the participants worked in small groups focusing on practical applications in one of the main topics agriculture, forest, ecosystems, water, and geology/soils. One day was dedicated to forest applications alone including a field trip to the new local national park Hunsrück-Hochwald.