New Scientific Principal Investigator of the EnMAP mission

Prof. Hermann Kaufmann (GFZ) retires after a successful career as one of the world-wide leading experts in the field of hyperspectral remote sensing. He initiated the spaceborne hyperspectral satellite mission EnMAP and became the Scientific Principal Investigator of this long-term research and development program. Since October, 2014, Prof. Luis Guanter succeeds Prof. Hermann Kaufmann and takes up the position as the new Scientific Principal investigator.

EnMAP-Box 2.0 now available!

New EnMAP-Box features are:

  • a redesigned GUI with better visualization and an intuitive organisation of image and spectral views
  • a GIS-like labeling tool for defining ROIs (regions of interest) on images or SOIs (spectra of interest) on spectral libraries
  • import/export filters to shapefile and ENVI format for labeling tool
  • spectral view for simulatenous collection and visualization of spectra with diverse wavelengths settings
  • fast visualization of spatially large images through optional calculation of pyramid layers

Available for free download on EnMAP-Box

4th National EnMAP User Workshop „Final presentations of EnMAP Projects 2010-2013“ in Bonn/Oberkassel


The 4th National EnMAP User Workshop was held on 14th of November, 2013 at DLR Space Administration in Bonn/Oberkassel. This workshop was focused on presentations and discussions of results of the 12 EnMAP projects within the EnMAP Preparatory Program (started in 2010). Further topics were:


  • Status of the EnMAP mission and related scientific preparatory activities
  • Post-doc career perspectives
  • Networking activities to support the exchange of scientific knowledge.

The workshop program and all presentations are now online. The workshop language was German. For further information see the EnMAP Workshop Program (German).