The main scientific goal of the hyperspectral EnMAP mission is to study environmental changes, investigate ecosystem responses to human activities, and monitor the management of natural resources. The primary mission objectives are:

  • to provide high-quality calibrated hyperspectral data for advanced remote sensing analyses
  • to develop novel methodologies improving the accuracy of currently available remote sensing information
  • to obtain diagnostic geo- and biochemical and biophysical parameters describing the dynamics of ecosystems
  • to improve our understanding of complex environmental processes
  • to provide suitable information products for ecosystem models
  • to significantly contribute to environmental research studies
  • to use synergies with other sensors

EnMAP will significantly increase the availability of currently infrequent hyperspectral measurements covering large areas. To understand and fully exploit the information content provided by EnMAP, novel evaluation techniques need to be developed which fully utilize EnMAP’s regional coverage on a global scale. Consolidated and improved regional scale science on the state and evolution of ecosystems is the prerequisite for improvements in global ecosystem models. Such upscaling studies require a sensible generalisation of the derived quantitative ecosystem parameters and the synergistic analysis with other spaceborne imagery such as provided by the future ESA’s Sentinel fleet.