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The German Spaceborne Imaging Spectrometer Mission

The Environmental Mapping and Analysis Program (EnMAP) is a German hyperspectral satellite mission that monitors and characterizes Earth’s environment on a global scale. EnMAP measures geochemical, biochemical and biophysical variables providing information on the status and evolution of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. More information about the main objectives and the status can be found on the mission page.


  • Wildfire derivation and analysis using EnMAP
    published on June 02, 2023
    Forest, bush and steppe fires destroy several million hectares of ecologically valuable stands worldwide every year and make a significant contribution to global warming through the release of CO2. Remote Sensing technology allows for prediction, detection and damage assessment related to wildfire and can thus deepen the understanding of fire-related processes. Thus, wildfire research can play a significant role in the mitigation of wildfire risks. With the current availability of data from EnMAP, fire ecological studies based on a high spectral resolution are now possible for the first time over distributed geographical areas and extended time periods.
  • End of Maintenance Outage (26.05.2023)
    published on May 26, 2023

    On Friday 26.05.2023 at 12:00 the 5-day maintenance outage ends and EnMAP is back to the standard SWIR band configuration. During the last two days of the outage, some of the user-planned acquisitions could be performed using the standard SWIR configuration and will be delivered to the users that requested them. Observation requests that could not be performed during the outage and have expired will have to be planned again. The rest of unexpired acquisition requests will be handled by the EnMAP planning system.

  • 5-day planned maintenance outage (21.05.2023-26.05.2023)
    published on May 17, 2023

    On Sunday 21.05.2023 at 20:00 UTC the EnMAP mission will enter into a 5-day planned maintenance outage during which no user acquisitions will be possible. The EnMAP team will test a new configuration of the transmitted SWIR bands in order to improve their use in scientific applications. After the outage, EnMAP will revert to the current configuration while the results of the test are investigated by our team. We will inform you as soon as EnMAP is back to normal operation.

  • Special AO #00003: EnMAP product quality monitoring (01.05.2023-31.08.2023)
    published on May 01, 2023

    The Validation AO aims at the monitoring of EnMAP hyperspectral sensor data quality and validation of the EnMAP products (L1B, L2A). The AO is intended to stimulate and unite the efforts of the user community and the mission team regarding EnMAP product data quality validation and associated measuring and sharing of in-situ field data, and improve synergies and match-ups with current optical and hyperspectral missions over calibration/validation targets.

  • EnMAP first anniversary – What a year!
    published on March 31, 2023
    On April 1, 2022, at 6:24 p.m. Central European Summer Time (CEST), EnMAP successfully started its journey into space as the largest payload on a Falcon 9 rocket from the US space company SpaceX from Cape Canaveral in Florida. An exciting year has passed since then...
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