Data Products and Access

During the operational phase, the following EnMAP data products will be delivered to the user community: Product Level 1B, Product Level 1C, and Product Level 2A. Please, note that the raw data and the subsequent Level 0 products are not available to the user community. This section provides a short definition of these products, while a more detailed description can be found in Guanter et al. (2015) and Kaufmann et al. (2016).

Level 0 Processor (ENMAP.HSI.L0)

The transcription processor de-compresses and collects information from different data streams, extracts and interprets information, performs screening, generates image tiles, adds data quality information

Output Processor (ENMAP.HSI.Output)

The output processor generates the final image product and masks as well as the metadata and history files.

Typically, Level 0 products will be in the archive within 24 h after completion of the corresponding downlink, and processing and delivery of Level 2A products are to be conducted within a maximum of eight hours. Thereby, the user can choose the image format (BSQ, BIL BIP, JPEG2000 or GeoTIFF). The metadata is always in Extensible Markup Language (XML) format, and the product is accompanied by a report in portable document format (PDF).


Image: The EnMAP Data Access Portal

EnMAP Data Access Portal links to a set of functions for registered users that will support the international EnMAP user community. This portal includes amongst others a proposal portal allowing submission of proposal for all users responding to a Data Announcement of Opportunity (AO). The proposals and the associated results will be presented by an interactive map supporting the establishment of a worldwide user network and guarantee the highest transparency of the proposal process. Observation requests are issued to order EnMAP data takes and provides all information required for scheduling data takes such as location and extension of the observation area, acquisition time frame, sensor look angle and required data products. Additionally, the platform informs about the conditions and requirements for the EnMAP data access and the ongoing scientific programs and activities.

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