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In the framework of the EnMAP preparatory science program, considerable effort is devoted to aerial flight campaigns, the simulation of EnMAP data, and the development of tools and software for data processing.

A large number of hyperspectral aerial flight campaigns were carried out to support scientific application development in a wide range of environments. Many of the campaign data sets are provided to the user community in the EnMAP Campaign Portal. In addition, the data sets are the basis for EnMAP end-to-end scene simulations that are also provided to the user community. The end-to-end simulation tool EeteS developed at GFZ Potsdam generates realistic EnMAP-like data in an automated processing chain using a set of user-driven instrumental and environmental parameters. Furthermore, EnMAP data products are provided to the user community as representative examples of the products available to EnMAP users.

Full exploitation of the hyperspectral information content of EnMAP data requires the availability of state-of-the-art image processing tools. Therefore, the EnMAP-Box developed as part of the EnMAP preparatory science program offers basic processing and visualization functionality as well as advanced approaches for image analysis in various application fields.

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