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The German Spaceborne Imaging Spectrometer Mission

The Environmental Mapping and Analysis Program (EnMAP) is a German hyperspectral satellite mission that monitors and characterizes Earth’s environment on a global scale. EnMAP measures geochemical, biochemical and biophysical variables providing information on the status and evolution of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. More information about the main objectives and the status can be found on the mission page.


  • Unexpected outage since December 7
    published on December 08, 2023

    Since Thursday, December 7, the EnMAP mission has experienced an unexpected interruption and no image acquisitions have been performed since then. The problem has been analyzed and recovery is underway. We expect to resume operations latest on December 22. Other EnMAP services, such as catalog ordering and future acquisition planning, are not affected by this outage.

  • Back to nominal operations on 27.10.2023
    published on November 07, 2023

    After a two-week interruption, the EnMAP mission resumed nominal operations on Friday 27.10.2023. The analysis of the newly acquired data shows that both the VNIR and SWIR sensors are working properly. User requests have been taken into account again since the resumption of operations.

  • Unexpected outage
    published on October 21, 2023

    Since Friday October 13th, the EnMAP mission has been experiencing an unexpected outage and no image acquisitions have been taken since then. The issue has been analyzed and recovery is already in progress. We expect to resume operations by the end of this week. Other EnMAP services like catalogue ordering and planning of future acquisitions are unaffected by this outage.

  • 1st EnMAP user workshop
    published on October 16, 2023
    The 1st EnMAP User Workshop was held online from 10-11 October 2023. Out of the 430 international registered users, about 200 audience members continuously followed the EnMAP-related presentations of 46 speakers. The presented results underlined the success of the EnMAP mission so far and gave insight into the future potential of the EnMAP mission. The combination of presentations from general mission information, application references, and current and future VNIR/SWIR missions stimulated the synergies of the different application fields. It highlighted the mission's importance for environmental challenges.
  • 1st EnMAP user workshop - Agenda and late registrations
    published on September 28, 2023

    The agenda for the 1st EnMAP user workshop is now online. The workshop will be jointly organized by DLR and GFZ and will take place fully online on October 10-11, 2023. For participation without a presentation, registration is still open until October 06, 2023, via the registration portal.

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