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The German Spaceborne Imaging Spectrometer Mission

The Environmental Mapping and Analysis Program (EnMAP) is a German hyperspectral satellite mission that monitors and characterizes Earth’s environment on a global scale. EnMAP measures geochemical, biochemical and biophysical variables providing information on the status and evolution of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. More information about the main objectives and the status can be found on the mission page.


  • Instrument Planning Portal Updates
    published on May 07, 2024

    Several enhancements have been made within the Instrument Planning Portal to improve the acquisition strategy, including:

    • Limitation of the order acquisition time window to a maximum of 3 months.
    • Prevention of further ordering once the quota is exhausted.
  • EnMAP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    published on April 29, 2024

    A new FAQ list is available here.

  • EnMAP second anniversary - it is getting colourful!
    published on April 02, 2024
    On April 1st 2024, EnMAP has completed two years in orbit and has since successfully provided high-quality hyperspectral data to an increasing number of users worldwide.
  • New processor version fixes spectral noise in EnMAP L2A water products at blue wavelengths
    published on March 18, 2024
    Users of EnMAP L2A water products have reported the existence of systematic spectral noise at blue wavelengths, namely below 500 nm. After extensive investigation, which discarded the presence of the effect in EnMAP L1B, L1C and L2A land products, the problem was pinpointed to the spectral sampling of the sensor response functions for the atmospheric correction over water in the vicinity of Fraunhofer lines where the solar irradiance spectrum varies rapidly with wavelength.
  • Foreground Mission
    published on March 15, 2024
    Starting in March 2024, EnMAP is initiating a foreground mission dedicated to acquiring 1000 km long flightlines primarily over Germany during the vegetation period (March to October). The goal is to optimize the acquisition rate and establish a systematic database of time series covering Germany and Europe, while considering the diverse interests of users. The ground segment aims to prioritize the repeated acquisition of the specified flightlines every month. Please be aware that short-term changes in planning may still occur due to other mission priorities or weather conditions, that could cancel some of the monthly planned acquisitions.
    Check Foreground Mission to get the most up to date information.
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