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In view of the rising number of imaging spectrometers deployed on airborne platforms and the launch of spaceborne imaging spectroscopy missions, an increasing need for Earth observation education and training activities with a focus on hyperspectral imagery is expected in the next few years.

Therefore, the development of HYPERedu, an online learning initiative for hyperspectral remote sensing hosted on the EO-College platform, has started as part of the EnMAP science program. From September 2019, HYPERedu started to publish slide collections and hands-on tutorials on EO College based on the open-source EnMAP-Box software, targeting basic principles, methods as well as applications of imaging spectroscopy. The content is continuously extended and will be supplemented with further online learning materials. In addition, a series of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is under development to be published on EO-College over the next few years. All resources are provided free of charge under a CC-BY license in English at the master’s level, addressing students as well as professionals in research, companies, and public authorities.

The first MOOC 'Beyond the Visible – Introduction to Hyperspectral Remote Sensing' will provide you with the fundamentals of imaging spectroscopy, and additionally gives you access to free data sources, open-source software and hands-on exercises. The course addresses students and users around the world and assumes basic knowledge in the field of optical remote sensing. It comprises three thematic lessons and is designed to take about five hours, to be completed at one’s own pace. More information about the course as well as the registration link are available at the course page on EO-College.

Hyperedu time schedule
Time schedule of the HYPERedu development

The table below shows the envisioned content of the HYPERedu slide collections. The learning resources may be further extended by other topics and will be regularly updated in the future.

Principles of imaging spectroscopy
Sensor technology and data acquisition
Data preprocessing

Shown here are two example slide collections available on EO-College. Please click on one of the title slides below to be forwarded to the related resources.

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