Simulated EnMAP Data

Simulated EnMAP data is provided to the public using an end-to-end simulation tool, EeteS, developed at GFZ Potsdam EeteS generates realistic EnMAP-like data in an automated processing chain based on a set of user-driven instrumental and environmental parameters. However, the reflection of reality is highly dependet on the nature and quality of the simulation image input data.

Simulated EnMAP data have been generated to support mission requirements consolidation and instrument concept development. For the optimization of system requirements and the derivation of expected error budgets, careful simulation of reflectance, top-of-atmosphere (TOA) radiance and digital numbers (DNs) under different instrumental and environmental configurations is necessary.

Synthetic images can also be very useful as a test-bench for future algorithm development, both for the preprocessing chain and for scientific exploitation of the data. Therefore, simulated EnMAP data is provided to the user community upon request. A detailed description of the generation of the simulated EnMAP data can be found in [1], [2], [3].

Several simulated EnMAP datasets for a range of environments are available for download. They are included with the EnMAP campaign data sets provided via the EnMAP Campaign Portal.


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Simulated EnMAP image time series derived from airborne campaigns at the Neusling/Germany site in 2012
(dataset provided in the EnMAP Campaign Portal)
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