Re-processing of archived data

published on June 27, 2023

EnMAP has initiated the re-processing of archived data. This activity will be carried out during the upcoming months and will result in harmonised data quality and improved geometric performance. Among the benefits, the re-processed data will offer a significant improvement of the co-registration between the VNIR and SWIR spectrometers. Re-processed products will be added to the archive as they are being re-processed. These data can be easily recognised because they will appear twice in the archive, once with the originally archived version and once with the processor version at the time of the re-processing. For best performance, it is recommended to use the latest version when more than one version of the product exists. Users should check the parameter "archivedVersion" where a version number equal or higher than 01.03.00 will identify a re-processed product (when an older version exists) or a newly created product.

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