Reactivation of the adjacency correction for L2A water products

published on September 26, 2023

The adjacency processor of the ENMAP atmospheric correction over water was unintentionally deactivated after a previous processor update. Users that requested related products in the time period since November 2022 should note that the adjacency correction over water impacts the accuracy of reflectance products for targets that are close to or surrounded by land, such as inland waters. The enabling of the adjacency correction has been fixed in processor version V01.04.00, which is active in the operation environment since 25.09.2023.

The impact of the adjacency correction in a particular scene (see Figure 1) is visualized in the graph in Figure 2. For further details, please refer to mission quarterly report #04 (2023 Q2).

Figure 1: Magnitude of the adjacency effect (right) for an EnMAP scene close to Venice (left).
Figure 2: Difference in spectra with and without adjacency correction for a sample water pixel (see red 'X’ in Figure 1).
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