New processor version fixes spectral noise in EnMAP L2A water products at blue wavelengths

published on March 18, 2024

Users of EnMAP L2A water products have reported the existence of systematic spectral noise at blue wavelengths, namely below 500 nm. After extensive investigation, which discarded the presence of the effect in EnMAP L1B, L1C and L2A land products, the problem was pinpointed to the spectral sampling of the sensor response functions for the atmospheric correction over water in the vicinity of Fraunhofer lines where the solar irradiance spectrum varies rapidly with wavelength.

Processor version V01.04.02 (available since 15.03.2024) incorporates a new MIP version which uses a higher spectral sampling and greatly reduces the spectral noise in EnMAP L2A water products at blue wavelengths as illustrated in Figure 1. Scene orders after 15.03.2024 (both tasking and from the archive) will benefit automatically from this improvement. Users that downloaded L2A water products before that date can also benefit from the improvement by simply re-ordering their L2A scenes in EOWEB.

Figure 1: Comparison between EnMAP L2A water spectra before (dashed red) and after (solid green) the MIP update introduced in EnMAP processor version V01.04.02 for a scene over Venice bay on 16.07.2022.
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