The EnMAP Box is a freely available, platform-independent software designed to process hyperspectral remote sensing data, and particularly developed to handle data from the EnMAP sensor. It is distributed free-of-charge under the EnMAP-Box Open Source License

Main features include:

  • easy-to-use GUI, with drop-down menus, expandable tree-based file explorer and drag-and-drop capabilities
  • visualization and processing of hyperspectral image data and field/laboratory spectra
  • import and export from and to different data formats
  • in-built applications aimed at the processing of hyperspectral data, such as Support Vector Machines and Random Forests for classification or regression of image data
  • externally developed applications for EnMAP data processing, e.g. Partial Least Squares Regression or the calculation of different agricultural spectral indices. See Applications for an overview of all applications.
  • a rich application programming interface (hubAPI) that allows to develop new EnMAP-Box applications easily

The EnMAP-Box 2.2 can be used with any IDL 8.5 runtime environment. This allows you to integrate the EnMAP-Box 2.2 to an existing ENVI 5.3 installation.

Screenshots in WINDOWS

 Scatterplot and imageMath