HYPERedu educational resources on imaging spectroscopy

The development of HYPERedu, an online learning platform for hyperspectral remote sensing to be hosted on EO College, has started as part of the EnMAP education initiative. HYPERedu will provide slide collections, hands-on tutorials with the EnMAP-Box and short educational films on principles, methods and applications of imaging spectroscopy at master’s level. The first resources were published in September 2019 and more will follow in the coming months. Furthermore, the development of a hyperspectral MOOC with several modules addressing students as well as professionals in research, companies, and public agencies is planned.

EnMAP-Box Workshop 2019

The DLR Space Administration and the EnMAP Core Science Team invite interested doctoral and postdoctoral researchers to join the EnMAP-Box Workshop 2019 at the Department of Geography, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, in Berlin Adlershof 25-27 February 2019.

EnMAP Ground Segment Delta CDR successful

The EnMAP Ground Segment has finished its Delta Critical Design Review (CDR) successfully on July 01, 2016. In this Delta CDR, design changes caused by advancements in multi mission facilities at GSOC and DFD used by EnMAP, evolution of the used software, the availability of improved algorithms (e.g. an improved atmospheric correction), and the enhancement of the design to meet new requirements like the INSPIRE conformity and sun-glint avoidance were reviewed. Also further technical developments in the Space Segment could be taken into account. In the Review Board, experts from ESA, OHB, GFZ, other satellite projects at DLR and DLR Space Administration were involved. Thus, the EnMAP Ground Segment now finally starts with phase D of the project, where the proposed design will be implemented and afterwards verified and validated.