1st EnMAP User Workshop
on 10–11 October 2023 (online event)

Workshop program

EnMAP mission status

Title Referee
EnMAP: The German Hyperspectral Mission Anke Schickling (DLR)
EnMAP: A breakthrough for Hyperspectral Earth Observation. One year in operation, seen from the manufacturer of the satellite Rupert Feckl (OHB Systems AG)
The Ground Segment of the EnMAP mission: from tasking to product download Emiliano Carmona (DLR)
Scientific exploitation preparation and support of the EnMAP satellite mission: Update and current activities Sabine Chabrillat (GFZ)
The EnMAP User Inquiries and Ground Segment Operation Activities Nicole Pinnel (DLR)
HYPERedu online learning program: Concept, current status and cooperation opportunities Saskia Foerster, Arlena Brosinsky (GFZ)
What’s new in the EnMAP-Box 3.13? Visualization and analysis of EnMAP data Benjamin Jakimow (HU Berlin)

EnMAP data processing and quality

Title Referee
The EnMAP processing chain Peter Schwind (DLR)
EnMAP Spectral and Radiometric Calibration David Marshall (DLR)
The EnMAP Ground-Segment L2A Processor - Products and Specifics Maximilian Langheinrich (DLR)
Operational data quality control and instrument monitoring for the spectral, radiometric and geometric data properties within the EnMAP Ground Segment Martin Bachmann (DLR)
EnPT: An alternative pre-processing chain for hyperspectral EnMAP data Daniel Scheffler (GFZ)

Hyperspectral VNIR/SWIR missions

Title Referee
The Copernicus hyperspectral imaging mission for the environment (CHIME): Current status Marco Celesti (ESA)

Applications: Vegetation

Title Referee
Demonstrating the capabilities of the EnMAP-Box for Agricultural Applications – Examples from Northern Kazakhstan Tobias Hank (LMU)
Characterizing of peatland vegetation at multiple scales – from field spectroscopy to spaceborne imaging spectroscopy Christina Hellmann (Uni Greifswald)
Crop trait retrieval from EnMAP hyperspectral data using radiative transfer modeling and machine learning Ana-Belen Pascual-Venteo (Universitat de València)
Possibilities and Challenges of Crop-Type Classification in Western Kenya – A Spectral Feature Extraction Approach for EnMap Data Leander Leist (Uni Marburg)
On the potential of ‘EnMAP-like’ emulated hyperspectral data cubes from Sentinel-2 multispectral satellite data - Comparison of emulated and Sentinel-2 biophysical variable maps David Herrera (Forschungszentrum Jülich)
Towards pixel-specific PROSAIL parameterization for large-scale crop trait retrieval Peter Borrmann (UFZ)

Applications: Water, snow, atmo, methods

Title Referee
Hyperspectral remote sensing of aquatic ecosystems: first experiences with EnMAP and updates on PRISMA Claudia Giardino (CNR)
Detection of Phytoplankton optical groups based on space-born hyperspectral imaging spectroscopy Dagmar Müller (Brockmann Consult)
Methane retrievals from EnMAP: assessment and emission show cases Javier Roger (Universitat Politècnica de València)
Landscape element detection using deep learning and EnMAP data Manuel Reese (Uni Osnabrück)

Applications: Geology, soils, land cover

Title Referee
Using EnMAP data to characterize land surface covers of icefree areas within the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica Thomas Schmid (CIEMAT)
Using EnMAP data to improve services in the smart farming and renewable energies sector – a first overview Sandra Dotzler (Vista GmbH)
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